Several beekeepers day 05-03-09 had swarms and honey harvested in the area of the Mediterranean end municipal millares, Bicorp, Quesa, Navarres - Valencia.
Yourselves by that there is much difference between a beehive and others. Let us never forget that time is a factor to be very found.

These beekeepers fed during the month of December 08 final 09 January the first bag and the second bag

What explanation is?

Simple the hives of these beekeepers had a 70-75 % more bees to the Beehive fed with other products when began the blooming of Rosemary, took all the natural cycle the flower.

According to the survey that we have begun for the year 2009 at the moment the difference of swarms and honey production is approximately 65 per cent more in the Beehive fed with Apicomplet.

All data you publish in our polls, have the authorization of the beekeeper if someone wants to check the veracity of our data.