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The bees have managed to survive from the night of the times all problems and vicissitudes that the nature and man them have been tested.

Bees do not have a doctor in their colony, not have a hospital, only have the nature, the same that possibly brought them the disadvantages provided solutions that without bees could there be life.

Therefore, their only food aid could be found in plants, are your source of food.

Apicomplet is the intrinsic way of seeing the beekeeping and trying to think like a bee.

If the problem is in nature, is the nature who will provide the solution.

This is the idea that us marked the way to find a good food for bees, through studies and tests, whose result APICOMPLET has been developed in their three new products:

  • Beecomplet autumn
  • Beecomplet spring
  • Beecomplet with plants acaricides

This food help that the varroa larvae are not develop within cells and even a high percentage die inside; but for its control are required appropriate products that kill the adult varroa abroad.

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